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Thank you for this! Currently reading Against Empathy and loving it. I love Bloom's style and everything great about him comes through in his writing--I always appreciate it when authors can manage that.

I was bummed I missed his intro course when he was offering it online during lockdowns, so it's great to know I can now at least get it in book form!

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Recently received my copy of this (yay!)and have just started digging in.

In the first chapter "Brain Makes Thought" Prof Bloom makes a strong case for brain localisation of certain functions. However, after reading Prof Lisa Feldman-Barrett's most recent book, I was under the impression that the field was moving away from this framework because better designed studies showed that the whole brain is active in all sorts of functions that were previously alleged to be mostly localised.

There was even recent debate/disagreement on twitter after Lisa posted a thread about a recent paper she co-authored on this issue.

I know debate and disagreement are part of how science improves and moves forward but as a layman, I am unsure where the consensus currently lies.

What do you make of the whole issue?

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