Wonderful list! I’ll definitely check these out for next week’s weekly topic.

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Hi Nicole,

I've been trying to track down an email address for you, but I haven't been able to find one and your website is set to private, so I'll try leaving a comment here! I really appreciated this list. I'm a climate activist and climate emotions advocate, and I want to share a new climate book with you that's becoming ubiquitous in the northeastern USA's activism community through book groups and climate grief circles.

"Facing the Climate Emergency - Second Edition" by Margaret Klein Salamon PhD, is a self-help guide to transforming climate anxiety and grief into empowering action. It's been recommended by climate heroes including Bill McKibben, Adam McKay, and Annie Leonard. Journalist David Wallace-Wells said, "This book will wake you up, no matter how aware you think you are."

Could I send you a gift copy of the book, for consideration to be included in a future list? I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have! Please email me at FacingtheClimateEmergency@gmail.com. Thanks!


Jamie McGonagill

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Thanks, your post has prodded me to produce a list too!

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Missing Unsettled, an excellent calm down book.

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